Welcome to Floral Acres LLC

Floral Acres LLC is a family owned and operated retail & wholesale nursery in Boynton Beach Florida. Floral Acres was founded by the current owner’s grandfather in 1955. We gained our success by offering our customer’s top quality plants at fair prices and excellent customer service.

Currently the nursery occupies 95 acres on five sites in Boynton Beach, FL. The company focuses on growing poinsettias, ferns, mandevilla, hydrangea, Harmony® series New Guinea impatiens, bougainvillea and majesty palms.

We offer fundraising programs for schools and other groups with our poinsettia and hydrangea crops. We ship our products throughout the United States, Canada and also export internationally. We offer local delivery and accomodate third party transportation for truck load orders.

We also have a retail garden center where we carry a large selection of Orchid Phalaenopsis and bromeliads.

You can also visit the statuary, Floral Acres Planters by clicking here.

Spread Holiday Cheer with Our Poinsettia Fundraiser

Embrace the spirit of giving with our vibrant poinsettia fundraiser. Perfect for schools, churches, and community groups, our stunning red poinsettias are not just a symbol of holiday joy but also a beacon of hope and support for your cause. Each purchase helps in creating a brighter future and bringing festive warmth to every corner. 

Embrace Nature's Elegance with Our Lush Fern Collection

Discover the serene beauty of our diverse fern collection. From the delicate fronds of the Boston Fern to the robust leaves of the Macho Fern, each variety brings a unique touch of green tranquility to your space. 

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, our ferns are a testament to the timeless elegance of nature. Let these natural air purifiers transform your home or garden into a peaceful green haven.

Add a Splash of Color with Vibrant Bougainvilleas

Brighten your world with our stunning bougainvilleas. Known for their vivid colors and lush growth, these versatile plants are the perfect way to add a vibrant touch to any landscape. 

Whether climbing up trellises or blooming in hanging baskets, bougainvilleas create a spectacular display of pink, purple, red, and orange hues. Let these sun-loving beauties turn your garden into a colorful paradise.

Currently out of Season until October

Celebrate Vivid Colors with Our New Guinea Impatiens

Bring a burst of color to your garden with our New Guinea Impatiens. These hardy flowers, available in an array of stunning shades from deep reds to bright whites, are perfect for brightening up shady spots. 

Their lush foliage and continuous blooms throughout the season make them an ideal choice for garden beds, containers, or window boxes. Experience the joy of gardening with these low-maintenance, high-impact blooms.

Holiday Celebrations


Decorate with Easter lillies, hydrangea, pot mums, majesty palms or Boston ferns


We grow poinsettias in red, white, pink, and even some novelty varieties

Have a question or need help?

Give us a call at 561-499-2655 or click here to send us an email with any question and one of our plant experts will get back to you. You can also check out our page with care sheets for many of the plants we sell here at Floral Acres.